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At Agassiz Electric, LLC, aside from wiring new construction, remodeling, agriculture, commercial, and industrial needs, some specific services we offer include helping to design your electrical needs. Designing for YOUR needs means that each space can be tailored for your usage. Here are some specific ideas to consider as you think about your electrical needs. 


One of the most important aspects of your home can be the lighting. Well-placed lighting sets the tone for the rest of the space it's in. In our climate, lighting, especially in the winter time, can help with mood and give the illusion of daylight, even on the darkest days. With new technologies, such as LED lighting, operational costs are significantly lowered. They also offer different kinds of light so you have control over how much light and where.  By looking at the usage of a space, we can help you design lighting that fits your usage and that fits you!

Outlet needs change with the usage of a space.  Do you need more area to charge devices or other electronic equipment? Have you added some more appliances or equipment to a space?  Are the uses of receptacles enough for the people using the space. These are things we consider when looking at receptacles in a space. We have some options to help with replacing outlets so they can do more (think USB ports + plug-ins!) or adding new outlets for ever-changing needs! says ceiling fans, when operated correctly, offer a more even comfort level. In very hot weather, they can help your air conditioner from being overworked and thermostats can be raised about 4 degrees yet still maintain a similar cooling effect. If installed correctly, they can also look great for the room you are using them in. We'd love to help you with adding this energy-efficient option! 

Electrical panels are the hub of electricity flow and usage throughout your home or place of business.  If you need to add or change wiring, this may become an area that requires change. It's important to have a qualified electrician work on this major hub to make sure codes are met and it's done right! We can help you check out options that best serve the needs you have.

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